About Us


My name is Marleisa. I'm a primary school teacher, a Mum and a scarf addict!  I live in Toowoomba, Queensland where you can wear a scarf all year round!

The idea for Scarf Girl was born after a holiday to China.  While there, I stumbled upon a 'scarf' stall at a local market and was bamboozled by the choice and low price and ended up buying 10 scarves!

I came home with the idea in my head and after winning some money decided that I was going to invest it in scarves.

In August 2013 I placed my first order of 300 scarves and haven't looked back.  I started out selling my scarves directly from Facebook and Instagram and at the local markets in Toowoomba. 

In 2016 with my business growing and many request for wholesale orders I decided it was time to make myself official and get my own website. 

My aim is to stock a wide range of scarves and to keep my prices as low as possible so you too can go home with 10 new scarves!